we are west coast sunrise

   West Coast Sunrise has been a Bay Area leader in cannabis cultivation since 2010. The company was founded by two friends with a passion for the plant and the desire to provide clean medicine for their friends and family. They possessed a combined 30 years of experience, later coupled with a team of dedicated Cultivators, which resulted in our meticulous pheno-hunting and breeding strategies. Years of experimenting with the traits we love most from our all time favorite strains have resulted in where we are today, now employing almost 40 people. The West Coast Sunrise Family is immensely proud to present our new line of exclusive genetics for our community to enjoy.

   We are continuously striving towards the advancementof our techniques as well as furthering our sustainability. In a steady effort in being eco-friendly we utilize  recyclable materials, compost all plant waste, practice environmentally friendly cultivation, and only give our plants the essential organic nutrients they require.